Golf Cart Rentals



Although Elbow Cay is tiny by most standards, its always nice to have motorized transportation in order to get you back and forth between the marina and your accommodations after a long day of fishing and entertainment. SeaSpray Resort & Marina does offer a complimentary shuttle service, but if you'd prefer your own vehicle, you can elect to rent a golf cart from one of the businesses listed below. 

T & N Cart Rentals

(954) 727-5294 US

(242) 366-0069 BS

Island Cart Rentals

(561) 208-8160 US

(242) 366-0448 BS

 Hope Town Cart Rentals

(242) 366-0064 BS

Elbow Cay Cart Rentals

(242) 366-0530 BS

JR’s Cart Rentals

(305) 359-5222 US

(242) 366-0361 BS

Get Away Cart Rentals

(242) 366-0200 BS

(242) 477-5201 BS